Monday, January 25, 2016

Postage Label from Greece

(Greece/HELLAS Postage Labels, 2011 Edition)

Visited some post office in Athens at January 2016.
Some of the branches have postage label machine but power off.
Finally, I try a "head" level branch near Athens suburban area.
Luckily, the machine is work!!

The machine decorated in blue color accepts bank card and coins.
(Offical model name is HERMES STAMPit - Rev 2A, made by PrimeTec)
There is a weighting device in the top.

Multilanguage interface, supports Europe main languages.

There is a button in the main screen, can show you major postage fee types.
You can click and buy it.

Or weighting your item, follow the step by step instructions.

You can feel the icon and interface are "Windows 3.1-like" style.
Maybe this machine's operating system is Microsoft Windows 3.1

The machine can give you changes in coins or label.
Minimum charge is EUR0.72 (Domestic economy)

If you buy one 0.9 postage label (International Priority), insert 1 euro.
You can get 10 cents in coin or a 10 cents label.
That's why my first figure including a 0.1 label.

Otherwise, if you select a label as change.
You will get another receipt indicates this "change label."

Registered Mail from Warsaw

Sent by the self-post kiosk machine in Warsaw, Poland.

Postage Label from Poland

There is the new generation of postage labels in Poland. (2015)