Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Non-Stamp Registered Mail from Bulgaria

Sent from Sofia, Bulgaria.

This item is special, no stamp or postage label on the envelope.
But still arrived in Singapore.

Well, post office can chop on the envelope, write the postage fee.
It's a valid sign for postage paid in Bulgaria.

Send a registered mail to Asia from Bulgaria,
the minimum charge is 5.10 BGN.
So officer wrote 5.10 inside the chop, it's done.

Some post office doesn't have "PAR AVION" or "PRIORITAIRE" stickers.
They just chop a "Prioritaire" string on the cover at the same time.

I bought this envelope from their post office, 0.09BGN.

Never worry about the officer can graft your money.
Because of they still has to issue a computerised slip for you.
Like this Cyrillic receipt.
(I guess mail weight less than 50g will be charged for 5.10 BGN)

About your tracking number, see another receipt.
Although it's computer printed, but old style. (Dot matrix printing)

Delivery History

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