Monday, January 25, 2016

Postage Label from Poland

There is the new generation of postage labels in Poland. (2015)

From upper left to right is Domestic Priority, economy.
Lower right to left is International Priority and Economy. (Surface)

You can purchase the label from the self-post machine (strefa 24h) in several branches.
(I got all of them at Warsaw.)

I guess the minimum cost of the label is the domestic economy, 1.75 PLN.

The self-post looks like this.

This model only accepts banknote and coin.
(You can see the "post horn" logo is old type, unlike the new one that printed on the labels.)

But this model supports credit card, although new contactless card. (Paywave or Paypass)

Both machine model only supports Polish, for foreigners, it's a big trouble.
I got help by Google Translate when operating this machine.

Here are the user interface photos


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