Thursday, April 7, 2016

Postcard From Iran

Sent from Esfahan, Iran.

I usually post the cover with stamps and chop first.
But my friend mailed me a postcard during her trip to Iran.

So I think the scenery is important than everything here.

If you search Esfahan in Google, you can see the bridge immediately.
You can imagine how important of this place.

The bridge named Allāhverdi Khan Bridge, also known as 33 arches bridge or "Si-o-seh pol".
Built in 1599, more than 400 years old.

Let us see the front cover.

Two stamps, face value is 20700 Rial. (~SGD 0.92 or USD 0.7)
The stamps are special, because of the Persian on it.
Absolutely, it's art.

My friend visited such a special country, I guess many of her friends ask her for postcards.
So she printed name and address on sticker before she departed, smart solution!

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