Friday, February 17, 2017

International Reply Coupon - France

Dijon, France. February 7, 2017.

 Printed on May 2013. I guess it the stock from La Poste.

I must express my appreciation to Wen-Chieh.
She helped me get this during her study at Dijon.
According to her IRC purchase experience, the post office staff said: "Almost 5 years, no one buys this from him."

Maybe, only philatelic fan or stamp collector will buy International Reply Coupon.
It's Internet era, most of the people send the email instead of traditional postal service.
Even if an experienced post office staff may not sell the IRC very often.

By the way, she sent the coupon using the packing material from La Poste.
I should post the photo and zoom in the counter postage label.

Anyway, thanks for her help.
The official language of International Reply Coupon is French,
(Coupon-RĂ©ponse International)
have the IRC issued by France is meaningful.

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