Sunday, February 12, 2017

International Reply Coupon - Vatican

Vatican Poste, Vatican City, January 05 2017.

The DOHA edition released on July 1, 2013. You can see the press release from UPU.
From the printed date, we can almost be confirmed; the IRC from Vatican City is the first edition.

According to the information from the officer in the counter, when I bought it.
That's the last two IRCs he has. (The other will post later.)
I was lucky, got the last two IRCs from Vatican Post.

When I heard he said the "last two", I still try to find the IRC of Vatican.
I visited the other three offices that tourist can approach.

On the right-hand side of St. Peter Square, there is a small post office.
Not so many people there. Maybe the reason is they don't sell many philatelic items there.
Mainly for postal service.

A mobile post office at St. Peter Square.
Well, cannot get the IRC here.
And I feel the officer here with a bad service attitude.
When I try to send a registered mail here, they rejected my request.
Their answer is "tomorrow is public holiday, today is not possible to send a registered mail."
Do you think it's an acceptable response?

For post office inside Vatican Museum, no photo.
They only sell stamps for postcards.
So, the only one office you can get IRC is the office on the left-hand side.

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