Saturday, January 30, 2016

An old cover from my childhood

Sent from Taipei, Taiwan.

It's an old memory of childhood.
In my elementary school time, there is a stamp exhibition at a department store.
The department store called "Durb An Department Store", in NeiHu, close to my home.
I asked my mother bring me there; I want to attend the exhibition.

The organiser prepared the envelope and postcard set as a gift.
Like other people, I ask my mother buy stamps for me.
I would like to mail them home.

I remembered my mother buy a stamp in another design,
but one of attendant told us "You should buy the stamps with the flag, it's for Taiwan's birthday."
(Double tenth day)
Yes, it's reasonable. We buy flag stamp immediately.

(I know the postage fee for postcard was incorrect.)

I kept this two items for twenty years.
I think it's a start for my philatelic hobby.
This set also a witness history for Neihu.
Durb An Department Store was closed at 2012.

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