Friday, January 29, 2016

Bulgaria's Prepaid Envelope

Sent from Sofia, Bulgaria.

I saw many items in the eBay are small size prepaid envelope.
And mainly issued by East Europe countries. (Former USSR members)
Maybe this kind of post stationery is still popular in this region.

I bought this prepaid envelope at Sofia General Post Office.
At the same time, they also sold the original stamp which is printed on the envelope.
The topic is "20th Anniversary of Bulgaria's Membership in the Council of Europe." 

International priority postage fee is 2.1 Lev, so I can affix the same stamp and a 10 stotinki stamp.
(The miss cancel the 10 stotinki stamp)

The prepaid envelope is designed for domestic posting, so print their address form on the front side.

Back side mentioned its price 1.12 Lev.

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