Monday, March 20, 2017

International Reply Coupon - Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova. March 6, 2017

You can order this coupon for collection, just send an email to Moldova Post Philatelic Department.
But they only accept cash payment, you can send USD banknote or pay by Western Union.
Considered the service charge of Western Union is very high (at least US$20 for service fee),
so I decided sent cash by registered mail.

One coupon they charged me US$5, and the registered mail to Singapore for another $5.
Compare with the price of IRC from some countries, Moldova may not cheap.
But for me, it's worth to collect. At least, plan a trip to visit Moldova is not easy.

Many thanks to the staff from Moldova Post, Mr. Valeriu Goncearov.
By his efficiency responses, my order is well managed.

He also gave me a big surprise, captured my blog's author icon image, made a personalized stamp.
(When I went to Singpost and collected this envelope, I guess the officer was laughing...)

I ordered IRCs from several countries, so far, I'm sure Moldova Post make me deep impressions.

Hope one day I can visit Moldova, and send a registered mail to myself.
I believed everyone can visit post office during their travel, interact with the postal service staffs to feel some domestic culture and lifestyle.

I should share more postal related photos taken by myself, traveled more than 50 countries,
I paid lots of attentions on post office/museum/stamp vending machine...

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